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There are many types of competitive horse riding. They include fox hunting, barrel racing, dressage, show jumping, saddle seat equitation, trail riding, racing, reining and many other disciplines.

Competitions for these are held at all levels of ridership starting with amateur riders and going all the way to Olympic riders. The main reason for competition is fostering the horse’s athletic abilities as well as maximizing its ability to be a suitable riding partner for the person handling it.

The most basic need that must be fulfilled before taking up any type of competitive sport is to find a suitable horse. You could have a horse that you love a great deal, but he or she has to be at a certain level of health and build to be able to be considered for competitions.

You have to learn the basics of the discipline you are interested in and continue to advance in order to get more and more checks as a competitor. Some people enjoy competing for the pleasure of it while others are interested in breeding horses specifically for the goal of becoming champions.

Once you have found a suitable horse, you absolutely have to find the best saddle. As a rider, you need to have the right saddle and other supplies before you engage in competitive training. This is essential to many disciplines. They have to fit the horse and rider properly. Consider details like the seat size, the stirrup styles and whether you will need to compete using a hard or padded seat.

When you choose your discipline it will usually help dictate what options you need for your tack as well. Make sure to choose the best quality supplies so that you can practice using them as well as compete in them.