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Horse riding competitions may look easier than some other sports, but boy can they be difficult. Especially when you move past the horse riding competition basics and on to the big stuff that you see on television where horses are jumping hurdles. Remember what happened to Christopher Reeve? That’s not to scare you about riding horses, but you need to realize at all times that you’re dealing with an animal bigger than you are.

My friends were always involved in horse shows, and horse riding was involved. However, it was mostly for the kids, and they were learning how to ride the horses around, showing them off. They weren’t jumping hurdles though of course.

One thing about horse riding is it’s much more than just the riding. You need a rapport with the horse, and you need to know how to mount a horse. You also need to know how to get a horse ready for riding. Do you know how to adjust the stirrups? Do you know how to walk your horse along? You have to be able to talk to your horse and give it commands.

My friends have stopped going to horse shows, and they sold their horses. They love horses, but they lost their son six years ago. They still have a son, but he wasn’t as interested in horse riding. As you can imagine, they moved on.

Are you thinking about getting started in horse riding competitions? It’s easy to learn the basics, but just remember that you always want to respect your horse. Be patient, as your horse has to learn as part of the process, just like you do. Let’s just hope you don’t go full speed towards the woods the first time you try to ride him or her.